Project description

The project will be planned into the following steps:
1.    definition of the technical specifications by the SMEs, within two months   from starting the project;
2.    development of a laboratory detection system prototype by the RTD performers within 15 months from starting the project; (milestone 4 Month15)
3.    development of a pre-industrial prototype by a strict collaboration among the all partners  after 18th  month of the project; (milestone 6 Month 18)
4.    testing of the pre-industrial device at wine, beer and feed structures in the last 6 months of the project (milestone 7 Month 24).

See the information related to this research project in the CORDIS web site:

FP7 -grant agreement nr.232245
This Project is funded by the European Commission under Seventh Framework Programme, Area “Research for SMEs” Start date:2009-12-01 End date:2011-11-30 Duration:24 months Project Reference:232245 Project cost:1384252 EURO Project Funding:1069199 EURO Programme Acronym: FP7-SME Programme type:Seventh Framework Programme Subprogramme Area:Research for SMEs Contract type:Research for SMEs

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